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Dec. 4th, 2007 @ 12:47 am yes, i realize im sharing an opinion
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Have you ever just wanted to walk out your door and just walk. Walk all night and all morning and day just randomly along roads or maybe not even those and get completely and utterly lost. But keep walking away, just walking. Then, the next night, call home, get picked up from where ever you are, and see what changes in your life. See how people are different towards you. See if people will stop trying to assign characteristics to you, let you be without those iron chains of social image. See if they want to send you to a therapist when you know that you want to be around Less people, not More. See if maybe your opinion matters or wonder why you should care what others think of your opinions. Do you care about other people's opinions? Is it possible to care and not contribute to that heavy weight of public opinion. Why do i want to hear everyone else's opinion before i share my own. Is it that i dont like making up an opinion without as many thoughts on it as possible. Is it that i dont want to contribute to that social opinion that is so oppressive towards me at least. Is it that im afraid of being different, or maybe just as bad, the same as public opinion. Is it something else. I want to take a walk. I want to just be alone, not think, just take a break from life. Just sit down and not do anything. Just for a day maybe. Then come back and do nothing but think. And see where that gets me. I seriously almost am about to just go down the street.

maybe i just dont want to do my homework, and this is all an elaborate procrastination technique.

id say more, but my thoughts were more concise than even this. So just, i dont care.